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Mission Statement- 2013

In The Beginning… In 2010, when I started my solo real estate practice, QUERIN LAW, LLC, and launched my website, Q-Law.com, I had high hopes and

2013 Short Sale FAQs [Part Two]

This set of FAQs is a continuation of a series of Q&As based upon the most current short sale information.  The link to Part One

2013 Short Sale FAQs [Part One]

The local and national real estate markets have been on the ropes for five years. The third quarter of 2007 was the statistical peak for

S&P Comes Out Swinging – Sort Of

“Waaaaaa” It’s no secret that I have little sympathy for Standard and Poors and the other ratings agencies.  Like carnival barkers at the securitization circus,

IRS Fresh Start Program

I just ran across an interesting post on the website JDSupra, authored by attorney Mary Beth Lee, of the San Francisco-based law firm Duane Morris

The Myth of Lender Modification

Introduction. After three years of counseling folks in the throes of making a distressed housing decision, I have to honestly ask myself if loan modification