About Phil Querin

This is not a resume´ or curriculum vitae. My professional bio can be found here. What follows is a short personal bio.

Despite the rumor that I was present for the signing of the Magna Carta, it is true I’ve practiced law for a long time – longer than I would have imagined. And even now, after so many years, I still cannot imagine doing anything else. Retirement? No. Nada. Nein, Nyet. Sharks have to keep swimming to stay alive.

Most of my legal practice has involved real estate; either transactional – where I help putting deals together – or dispute resolution, where I become involved when clients want to take them apart. As a result, thanks to the vagaries of our economy, political/regulatory flip-flops, and, of course, human foibles, I rarely suffer for a lack of interesting work.

Since February 2010 I’ve had a solo real estate practice, Querin Law, LLC. Before that, I spent 25 great years at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, a large international law firm with excellent attorneys and staff.

Today, though I’ve downsized a thousand-fold. And thanks to technology and the Internet, I have become a virtual, free-range, gluten-free, paperless, low-decibel attorney without borders, conducting business throughout Oregon. It’s still a pretty good gig.

Today, my personal life trumps the demands of my professional life. There are many reasons for this, but the pictures below tell the best story: I am blessed with two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law, eight grandkids (six girls, one strapping grandson – now a lawyer – and a soon-to-be, second strapping grandson), plus my lovely wife, Kathy, and the gem of our lives, Pave´ ~ All Rare and Beautiful Treasures.

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." ~Proverbs 24, 3-4