Mediation is the last opportunity disputants have to control the outcome of their case. After that, it is decided by a third party.

Mediation is the process of dispute resolution involving the use of a professional “neutral” who attempts to assist the parties in reaching a resolution that will end the unpleasantness. Mediators cannot “force” the parties to settle. Instead, they act as “facilitators,” studiously avoiding the appearance of assigning “fault” or “liability.” The process separates the parties in different rooms, thus allowing them and their attorneys to describe their version of the dispute, to vent, and after a thorough discussion, gradually narrow the issues down to a point where it can be “monetized” into a settlement sum that all parties can live with.  

I represent clients in mediating all manner of real estate disputes.  Or, I can assist the client’s existing lawyer in preparing for mediation, reviewing the current status and strategy. I can make sure the relevant issues have been examined and the confidential mediation submission accurately and persuasively outlines the applicable law and relevant arguments.

In summary, whether you use me to personally represent you in the mediation, or just act on an advisory basis for your current counsel, I can help because I know the rules and the ropes. I can assist at every, or any, stage of the process, either as your legal counsel, an expert witness, or merely a consultant for current counsel.