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Procuring Cause – A Primer for Realtors

Procuring Cause – A Prim

The “procuring cause” rule is simple in theory, but complicated in application. It is used to determine a buyer broker’s entitlement to the

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Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Land Sale Contracts, and Their Foreclosure

Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Land S

Mortgages. ORS 86.010 to 86.275 generally address the rights and duties of lenders and borrowers owning land secured by a mortgage.  The process of

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Oregon’s Environmental and Health Laws

Oregon’s Environmental a

Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Residential Landlord-Tenant ORS 90.316 Carbon monoxide alarm defined; ORS 90.317 Repair or replacement of carbon monoxide

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MarketWatch: Fed lifts interest rates and aims for another pair of increases later this year

MarketWatch: Fed lifts interes

Published: June 13, 2018 4:01 p.m. ET The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised a key U.S. interest rate and signaled a somewhat more aggressive

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Q-Law Legal Services 2018

Q-Law Legal Services 2018

The following list of documents and disputes span over four decades of  my real estate legal practice. (See, SuperLawyers link here and personal

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Bloomberg: Mick Mulvaney Is Having a Blast Running the Agency He Detests

Bloomberg: Mick Mulvaney Is Ha

“One of the first things Mick Mulvaney did last year after President Trump asked him to be acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection

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