Introduction.  It is my hope that those who read the Content1 I have created on the Q-Law Website find some or all of it useful, enjoyable and entertaining.  Unless authored by a guest contributor, or I have given attribution to others, or linked to other sites, the writings and blog posts are mine, i.e. I wrote them.

Since much work is expended in making the Content accurate, relevant and useful for my readers, I thought it would be helpful for Users of this Website to closely review my Copyright Policy.

  1. My Terms of Use explain the permissible uses of my Content.
  2. Permissible uses of Q-Law Content:
    • Viewing it on a compatible device;
    • Storing it for your personal use only;
    • Printing  it for your personal use only;
    • Sending a link via electronic mail to others for non-commercial purposes only2;
    • Linking to the Q-Law Website so long as it is not for, or in the expectation of receiving any compensation. Note, if you are a legitimate blogger, I regard your linking to my website a compliment and welcome your doing so.  It is not a violation of this Copyright Policy, even though there may be some indirect future economic benefit, so long as the remainder of the Policy is observed.
  3. Here are the rules on republishing any Q-Law Content:
    • You may publish or republish on an Internet or Intranet page, not more than 200 words of any article or other Content, so long as you also give attribution to Phil Querin and/or Q-Law, and provide the actual link to the Content located on my website at;
    • You may not republish the full text of any Q-Law articles or other Content even if you give attribution to Q-Law or Phil Querin;
    • If you attempt to “summarize” any Content, i.e. a non-verbatim synopsis, you must also give attribution to Q-Law and provide the actual link to the Content. However, summaries are limited to only once in any twelve month period. All summaries must truly and accurately reflect the point of view, theme, and gist of the Content summarized.

Fair Use Doctrine.  Generally, to a limited extent and for limited purposes, copyright law generally permits republication of portions of the content of another website.  However, doing so with Q-Law Content is subject to my Copyright Policy, since you have consented to it as a part of the Terms of Use.  If you are in doubt as to your legal right to use or republish my Content, I suggest before doing so that you secure independent legal advice.  Unless your use of my Content is permitted by this Copyright Policy, it is likely that I will regard it as a breach of the Terms of Use and after one warning will bar you from access to the Website.

Contact. If you have any questions, concerns, or are seeking permission to use my Content in a manner that may violate the terms of this Copyright Policy or the Terms of Use, I invite you to contact me via email at  Who knows, I may be flattered you asked and say “Yes.”

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1 All terms such as Content, Users, Website, and Provider, are defined in Terms of Use, here.
2 Note: Republishing for educational or training purposes, even by a non-profit organization, is a commercial purpose under my Terms of Use, and is prohibited without first receiving my express written consent in advance.