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Another Nail…

For the big banks, another nail in the foreclosure coffin:  The Portland Business Journal reports today: “Oregon Attorney General John Kroger announced Wednesday that Oregon

Short Sale Boom?

Well, these are interesting times. One would have thought short-cutting the lending process by making poorly underwritten loans would have been a wake-up call to lenders. Apparently not. Now the entire lending industry is caught short-cutting the foreclosure process as well. Read on.


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Is Negative Equity a “Hardship”?

Fannie Mae provides on its website a Hardship Affidavit for homeowners to use as a part of the HAMP loan modification process. Predictably, the standard

Transparency in NPV Testing

The use of the NPV Test is the most critical part of a loan servicer’s decision to approve or disapprove a borrower’s request for help. Yet there is no accountability to the people most affected by an adverse decision – the borrowers themselves.

Strategic Defaults vs. Financially Prudent Decisions

Fannie Mae has created a new term to refer to owners who fail to pay their home loan when – in Fannie’s opinion – they can “afford” to do so. They call these events “strategic defaults” and promise retribution. But what Fannie calls “strategic” is really just a distressed owner’s prudent business decision about what’s best for his/her family.

Housing Buzz

HIVE Houston will not be your ordinary live/work artists’ colony.  But if it is ever completed, it will certainly look like a colony – for