Ocwen Loan Servicing: The Short Sale Shakedown!

dracula-gogos“Ocwen, Ocwen, Ocwen.” What a peculiar sounding name for a large company!  Does it have some noble Greek meaning? Or perhaps a venerated Roman god high on the Pantheon of deities? Surely, a quick Google search will provide an etymology, and the mystery will be solved. Right?  No, Nada, Nyet!  There is nothing; just a name with no provenance.  But wait!  One genealogy site shows there to be a single birth record of someone with the name of “Ocwen.” However, that’s it. The trail abruptly ends. No other births, no family records, no divorces, no death notices.  Just an odd name, a cipher, existing in a peculiar jumble of discordant letters.  Hmmm.  Sounds slightly demonic, like something from a Dracula script; the undead – existing to suck the life from its victims.  Given the Ocwen we see today, perhaps that isn’t too far from the truth….[Continue here.]