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Q-Rant! From The Lipstick On Pigs Department: Nationstar Becomes “Mr. Cooper”

Posted on by Phil Querin

Prologue:  You can’t make this stuff up!  In an effort to shed its past transgressions, like a snake sheds its skin, Nationstar Mortgage has had a makeover that includes assuming a new name. It is now officially, “Mr. Cooper”. This redo, or in golfing parlance, “mulligan”, had been in the works for some time – […]

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Q-Rant! Ocwen Just Got A Big Lump Of Coal For Christmas!

Posted on by Phil Querin

On December 22, 2014, distressed homeowners with loans serviced by Ocwen got a nice bit of Christmas news, while the servicer got a lump of coal. HousingWire just broke the story (here) that the company’s Executive Chairman, William Erbey is resigning and Ocwen Finnaical (OCN) will, once again, pay a huge fine, this time to […]

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Ocwen: The Servicing Industry’s Corporate Piñata

Posted on by Phil Querin

Ocwen, the servicing industry’s version of a corporate piñata, is, once again, stealing the wrong kind of headlines.  In a November 8, 2014 article [“Firm Accused Of Illegal Practices That Push Families Into Foreclosure”] appearing on, here, the servicing behemoth is accused of – gasp! – gouging borrowers. No! Not Ocwen! How can that […]

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Ocwen’s Heartfelt Apology – Ummm, Right!

Posted on by Phil Querin

According to a recent article in, titled “Ocwen posts open letter and apology to borrowers,” the widely reviled Ocwen, apparently (sob) guilt-ridden because it, once again, was caught doing what it does best –  taking advantage of the little guy.

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Altisource And Its New “Disruptive Enterprise Software”

Posted on by Phil Querin

In a recent article appearing at the online site “” there appeared a short blurb titled “Altisource Opens Technology Office in India.” For those who have never heard of Altisource, they are one of the few major members on the Pantheon of Scoundrels, or POS, for short.  On their website, they proudly boast: Altisource provides services […]

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Ocwen, ‘Sticks & Stones’…And Gag Rules?

Posted on by Phil Querin

Nature seems to have given the biggest, meanest beasts pretty thick skins. Presumably, this is so they can savage their victims without being hurt themselves. Of course, these beasts were also endowed with a brain the size of a walnut, which didn’t help their dispositions. Between their thick skin and slow synapses, these monsters usually […]

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Big Bank Bashing – Waahhh!

Posted on by Phil Querin

On January 28, 2014, Sergio Ermotti, chief executive of UBS AG, was fed up.  While visiting swanky Davos Switzerland [referred to in a New York Magazine article as “…the annual self-congratulatory kaffeeklatsch known as the World Economic Forum”] he vented. Like Howard Bealle in Network, he was ‘mad as hell and not going to take this anymore!’ What […]

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Big Banks, Loan Fraud, and Moral Equivalence – Part Two

Posted on by Phil Querin

In Part One of my latest rant blog post, I took a look at the Big Banks and their sordid activities during the securitization heydays of 2005 – 2007/8. But I was just getting warmed up.  Part Two discusses how the banks have come to the aid of the prosecutors and courts in presenting themselves […]

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2013 Short Sale FAQs [Part One]

Posted on by Phil Querin

The local and national real estate markets have been on the ropes for five years. The third quarter of 2007 was the statistical peak for housing prices in the Portland-Metro area.  From that point forward, the real estate market went into a downward spiral from which it has never fully recovered.  However, the third quarter […]

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Mortgage Insurers – Short Sale Shakedown Artists

Posted on by Phil Querin

I’ve written several blog posts about the mortgage insurance (“MI”) problem.  Two of the several posts are found here and here. In many cases, MI is not purchased by the borrower, but by the lender – without the borrower’s knowledge and after the loan has already been made. This type of MI is technically referred […]

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