Arbitration (or trial) is the final frontier; nothing is certain but finality.

Arbitration is simply a less formal form of court litigation. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Some complain that since it is final and essentially “non-appealable”, the process prevents parties from taking the matter to a “higher court” – as if climbing up a series of rungs in the litigation ladder is an efficient tool in resolving disputes.

The reality is that due to the high cost of litigation and the delays caused by crowded court dockets, only a very small percentage of disputes ever actually reach the courtroom. The vast majority of lawsuits end up being settled, but not before there has been a significant expenditure of time and money – all of which might have been better used in settling the case.

I am acutely aware of this process, having arbitrated many real estate cases. If your case won’t settle, despite your best efforts, and the other side is determined to take the matter to arbitration, I may be able to help give you the winning edge. As with mediation, I can act as your legal counsel or simply associate with your attorney to strategize and brainstorm. My evaluation will be honest and to the point. In short, I will help you decide whether to “hold ‘em or fold ‘em.