Oregon MLO Licensing Exemptions for Manufactured Structure Dealers

sb10069456i-001Who would have thought that the financial crisis brought about by Big Bank Shenanigans would incentivize national and state regulators to impose Draconian rules on the sale of pre-owned manufactured homes?  This relatively small industry is the last vestige of affordable housing in this country.  This misguided effort is akin to regulating row boats after the Titanic sank. But never fear, the CFPB in Washington D.C. and the DFCS in Salem have seen fit to do so.  Why?  Because it’s easier to push around Small Business Owners, who can ill-afford to push back, than to cross swords with the real culprits in their ivory towers. I remember bullies like this in grade school, but assumed they grew up and got a life.  Seems I was wrong. Unable to get a real job and compete in a real industry, they became regulators, bureaucrats, and politicians, all sucklings on the public teat, telling others how to live their lives.  For a summary of the new rules go to this link.