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A Bad Day At The (Foreclosure) Mill

SLAM!  BANG! Her: “Honey, is that you?” Him: “Yeh.” Her: “Another bad day at the Firm?” Him: “Bad?  Hellish!” Her: “Is that alcohol on your

What’s in Your REMIC?

Background. The residential loan market experienced tremendous growth between 2004 and 2007.  Lenders were able to accommodate millions of borrowers, because they quickly sold the

Just a Technicality?

Much has been made lately of the claims that lenders have intentionally or negligently relied upon bogus documents when foreclosing folks out of their homes. 

Short Sale Boom?

Well, these are interesting times. One would have thought short-cutting the lending process by making poorly underwritten loans would have been a wake-up call to lenders. Apparently not. Now the entire lending industry is caught short-cutting the foreclosure process as well. Read on.