OREF Forms Changes For 2018

The following Summary addresses the major changes made to the OREF forms that will become available for 2018.  Some changes were stylistic and grammatical, and will not be discussed here as they do not materially affect Realtor® practice.  The primary focus of this Summary is on those substantive changes that bear on Realtor® practice, the reason for the changes, and their risk management impact. This Summary should not be relied upon in lieu of a thorough review of the specific forms and their revised provisions by each individual broker and managing principal broker. [Additions are in red print (or occasionally blue courtesy of the “track changes” gods), and have been highlighted in yellow; deletions have a strike-through and are also in red and have been highlighted in yellow. In some instances, an entire section is highlighted, since there were many changes and so for readability, the additions and deletions are not separately identified.

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