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Q-Rant! From The Lipstick On Pigs Department: Nationstar Becomes “Mr. Cooper”

Posted on by Phil Querin

Prologue:  You can’t make this stuff up!  In an effort to shed its past transgressions, like a snake sheds its skin, Nationstar Mortgage has had a makeover that includes assuming a new name. It is now officially, “Mr. Cooper”. This redo, or in golfing parlance, “mulligan”, had been in the works for some time – […]

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QUERIN LAW Mission Statement 2018

Posted on by Phil Querin

[Trigger warning: This post has not been vetted by the Sensitivity Police. If you are offended by sarcasm, irony, satire, mockery, cynicism, acerbity, disdain, jest, banter, and other features occasionally found in normal, interesting, adult repartee, please discontinue reading this post, and find a safe space to curl up with a warm blankie.] A Precocious […]

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