Bloomberg: Mick Mulvaney Is Having a Blast Running the Agency He Detests

Posted on by Phil Querin
“One of the first things Mick Mulvaney did last year after President Trump asked him to be acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was to read the statute dictating the agency’s powers. Created by the landmark Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, the CFPB was designed to protect consumers from the abuses of the financial industry and is one of the Democratic Party’s proudest recent achievements. Mulvaney was no fan of the agency, having repeatedly attacked its very premise during his three terms as a Tea Party Republican in Congress. But he’d apparently never taken the time to study the statute governing it: Title X of Dodd-Frank. When he finally did, he was astonished by what was missing, namely a federal agency known as the CFPB.”  [MORE: Go to link here.]
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