Online Resources

HyperLynx has assembled the following websites as an online resource for those who want to learn as much as possible about the many real estate tools and rules found on the Web. Buyers and sellers of Oregon property should find them especially useful. It took HyperLynx quite a while to assemble all these sites, so it seemed only fit and proper to name this site after her.

And she reports that she’s not through yet. However, she wants to make it purrrfectly clear that this information is provided for educational purposes only, and she makes no representations as to the links’ accuracy or applicability to your specific factual situation. Enjoy and learn!


Appraisal Regulation (Oregon)
Appraisers (Appraisal Institute)
Arbitration Services (Oregon)


Banking Regulations (Oregon)
Better Business Bureau (Oregon)


Central Oregon Assn Realtors
Credit Reporting Issues (FICO)
Dept of Veterans Affairs (OR)
Dept of Veterans Affairs (Fed)
Distress Housing Consult Laws (OR)
Distressed Housing Fin’l Fraud (OR)


Distressed Trans – COD Tax
Distressed Transactions/Mods (Fed)
Distressed Trans – (Refi) Fed
Distressed Trans – Foreclosure Laws
Distressed Trans-Foreclosure (OR)
Distressed Trans – Short Sales (OR)


Distressed Transactions (Federal)


Dom. Partner Laws ORS 106.300


Environmental – Arsenic(Fed)
Environmental – Asenic (OR)
Environmental – Carbon Mono. (OR)
Environmental – Drink. Wtr (OR)


Environmental – Lead Paint (Fed)
Environmental – Mold & Moisture
Environmental – Radon
Environmental – Superf. Sites (OR)
Environ – Storage Tanks (OR)
Environ – Well Water Testing (OR)


Environ – Well Water Testing (FAQ)
Environmental – Woodstoves (OR)
Fair Housing (Federal)
Fair Housing (Oregon)
Fannie Mae
Fed’l Housing Admin (“FHA”)


Flood Maps (FEMA)
Freddie Mac
Homebuyer Protection Act (Oregon)
HUD – Buyer FAQs (Federal)
Inspection – Pest and Dryrot
Inspection (Professional Org)


Inspection (Professional Org)
Insurance Claim History (“CLUE”)


Landslide Haz Portland (USGS)
Law – Escrow Reg (OR Statutes)
Law – Eviction Law (OR Statutes)
Law – Oregon Revised Statutes


Law – Real Estate Broker Reg
Mfgd Housing (ORS 90.505-.875)
Mortgage Banking Regulation
Mortgage Banking
Mortgage Broker Industry
Mortgage Broker Registry (OR)

Mortgage Financial Calculator


Mortgage Information
Mortgage Licensing System (US)

Mortgage Professor
Oregon Assn of Realtors (“OAR”)
Multiple Listing Service (RMLS)


OREF – Oregon Real Estate Forms
OREF – Sale Agt Form (Matrix)


OREF – Sale Agt Form – Info
Atty Gen’l Consumer Protect (OR)
Oregon Blue Book
Oregon Business Registry
Oregon Constr Contract Brd (CCB)
Oregon Crime Statistics


Oregon Crim’l Rcrds & Sex Off’drs
Oregon Drug Labs By County
Oregon Economic Analysis


Oregon Landlord-Tenant Laws
Oregon Buyer Advisory (OAR)
Oregon Sellers Advisory (OAR)
Oregon Public Records Search


Oregon Real Estate Agency
Oregon Seismic Mapping (USGS)
Oregon State & County Facts
Oregon Tax Assessors By County
PMAR – Dispute Resolution Program
PMAR – Homeowner Resources


PMAR – Homepage
PMAR -Real Estate Tips
Portland Building Permit Status
Portland Crime Statistics
Portland Maps
Portland Public School Maps


Portland Zoning
Property Taxes (Oregon)
Realtor® Code of Ethics (NAR)
Realtor® Designations
Realtors® – NAR
Realtors® – Why Use Them?


RESPA – Good Faith Estimates
RESPA – HUD-1 (January 1, 2010)
Safety – Smoke Alarms
Seller Prop Disclosure ORS 105.462
Sex Offenders – Multnomah County


Sex Off’dr Laws (181.585-594)
Multnomah Co. Surveyor
Tax Deferral Programs (Oregon)
Tenant Protection Foreclosure (Fed)
Tenant Protection Foreclosure (OR)
Title Insurance


Washington County Transfer Tax
Wells – OR Water Resources Dept
Well Water Booklet (OR)