Oregon Real Estate Laws, Customs, & Practices (2013)

Posted on by Phil Querin

Ever wondered whether the seller or buyer pays for title insurance in a residential transaction?  What if the seller is selling on contract, where title is not conveyed until there is a full payoff?  Is title insurance appropriate? What kind of policy should be ordered, and when?  And what about escrow costs and recording fees – how are they shared? Do you know what kind of deed home sellers normally use to convey title in Oregon?  Does it make a difference? Should it? There aren’t a lot of quick resources for these answers, since many have developed largely through custom and usage.  In other words, you can’t go to a specific Oregon statute for a quick answer.  Querin Law, LLC has developed an easy-to-use chart addressing these, and other, important issues.  For more, go to the link here. Enjoy!

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