‘Living Wills’ For Big Banks?

Posted on by Phil Querin

It has recently been reported that Big Banks must have ‘living wills’ in place by July, 2012.  In estate planning circles, a “living will” is a document one creates in the event they should later become incapacitated or incompetent, and are unable to make important decisions for their long term care.  More to the point […]

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Secret Congressional Testimony – Was P.T Barnum Right?

Posted on by Phil Querin

This secret congressional testimony was surrepetitiously  transcribed and delivered anonymously to me by a high-level government employee who had recently been foreclosed by Cerberus Servicing Systems, a little known, but highly aggressive foreclosure company.  Cerbrus’ namesake is the mythical three-headed dog, guarding the gates of Hell, preventing those who enter from ever leaving.  Cerberus Servicing goes […]

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Belial Bank Conference Call Discussing The Goodrich Decision & MERS

Posted on by Phil Querin

As we move into the New Year, our friends in the banking, servicing, and title industries have hastily convened a conference call to deal with the latest MERS setback in court.  It seems that when Fannie Mae sought permission to evict some folks from the home it had recently foreclosed, the local Jackson County Circuit […]

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The Portland Housing Market: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Posted on by Phil Querin

As we enter the New Year, everyone, it seems, has an opinion or prediction.  However, one rule should always be applied: Be careful how you interpret the numbers! A recent Oregonian article is a case in point. It carried the following headline: “Portland home sale volume improves in November.” The article, which was based upon […]

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